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Species:  Vesicularia dubyana

Common name(s): Java Moss

Native to: Southeast Asia

Temperature preferences: Warm to cool growing

Water preferences: High moisture

Terrestrial or Epiphytic: Terrestrial or Epiphytic

General Information and Care: Java moss can make an excellent addition to many tanks and may provide you with the tropical look that you desire.

For it to thrive in a tank, it needs to be kept constantly moist as it establishes itself. If it is allowed to dry out for even a matter of hours it can desiccate and die. Many people have the best luck establishing it when starting it out in a pond or small water feature and allowing it to naturally grow into their tank. You may also tie it to branches with some sphagnum moss to provide a mossy branch appearance.

Many dart frog keepers also love to use java moss in with their tadpoles! It will help keep the water cleaner by using up available nutrients.