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Tincman Herps Smoothie Fruit Fly Media

Tincman Herps Handmade Smoothie Media now enhanced with Superfood is a media like no other, It produces the largest boom of flies we have seen in all the leading media brands we tested.   I make each batch by hand using Premium food grade yeast, Oats, Grains and potato, Organic Banana, Organic beets, Organic Carrot, Organic Coconut, Blueberry & 3% actual NaturalRose Carotenoid.  Using Tincman media has been shown to improve/enhance the color of your frogs over time.  Also, according to a study done by amphibian biologists Carotenoids have been shown to influence greater reproductive outcomes in Dart frogs (See Carotenoid Study on Oophaga by Matthew B. Dugas, Justin Yeager, and Corinne L. Richards‐Zawacki*)