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Tincman Herps EggRite

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Tincman Herps Vitamin A Eggrite is made with over 25% actual Vitamin A (Very aggressive amount of true Vitamin A is used in this supplement to ensure that your animals deficiencies are properly addressed.  We also include Carotenoids which have been proven to not only enhance color, but also in a study done by amphibian biologist they’ve been shown to increase the frequency of positive breeding outcomes in Oophaga Dart frogs (We added Carotenoid to the Supplement to ensure that the frogs have more than just Vitamin A combating the egg issues that can happen when the frogs are low in Vit A intake).  The only other ingredient is Ultrafine Calcium/D3.   We don’t use any fillers and package our vitamins in small quanties only to ensure the freshness to our customers.