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Thera A+ Regular Pellet (60g,125g)


New Life Spectrum extra nutrient-dense fish diet fortified with extra garlic for immune support. Great for stressed fish, including when introducing new fish to your aquarium (as well as environmental stress). Can be used as a daily diet. Features an enhanced version of the color-enhancing Spectrum Nutrition Formula backed by the Spectrum Guarantee (

  • - Regular Pellet (1-1.5mm)
  • - Negative Buoyancy (most pellets will sink)
  • - Highest-nutrient density New Life Spectrum formula fortified with garlic to support the immune system in stressed or newly acquired fish
  • - High-quality easily digestible aquatic proteins (like whole Antarctic Krill and Squid), algaes and seaweed (incl. spirulina, kelp and chlorella)
  • - No artificial colors, flavors, hormones or preservatives
  • - Includes extra garlic for immune system health
  • - Manufactured in the USA