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We are a brick and mortar store open 9-9 central daily, dry goods, feeders, etc are in-store only. Live animals may be shipped priority overnight for pickup at a FedEx Hub.
Site and Physical store still in progress. Coming Soon!

SR Aqaristik Black Lava Rock

  • Finely detailed stone with many crevices and holes
  • Hand-selected, precleaned, heat-treated and wrapped stones
  • Ideal for creating the ultimate Aquascape

Black lava rock is a beautiful and classic aquascaping rock that provides a beautiful contrast with lush green aquarium plants.  This beautifully textured rock is very light and porous, making it ideal for attaching plants like moss, Anubias and Java Fern. The porosity of the rock also makes it ideal for housing beneficial bacteria which is great for high flow aquariums!