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Sera ImmunPro Mini Nature Growth Food 1.6oz

Fish Warm Water Immunpro Mini Nature 48 GR Sera sera ImmunPro is the slowly sinking feed for all ornamental fish up to 4 cm. The probiotics added to the feed by means of a particularly gentle process stabilise the intestinal flora of the small ornamental fish. Thus, due to the more efficient assimilation of the feed, water pollution is considerably reduced. Thanks to the high protein content of more than 50%, the addition of probiotics and other functional ingredients such as mannano-oligosaccharides (MOS), Haematococcus and Spirulina, this feed promotes rapid growth, strong development and bright colours in the fish. With ImmunPro, sera launches a further innovation in the field of ornamental fish feed. These excellent feeds for ornamental fish contain, for the first time, the intestinal flora stabiliser Bacillus subtilis, which has been authorised for ornamental fish since June 2016. It is expressly recommended by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) for use in fish feed to promote fish growth and food assimilation. Thanks to optimum digestibility, it promotes the rapid and balanced development and health of fish, in a lasting way. The animals, which are thus stronger, suffer less from disease. In addition, water pollution by excretion products, which are toxic to fish and favour algae, is considerably reduced. Complete feed for young ornamental fish