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K8 Rod's Food Krill+ 8oz

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* Frozen whole krill enriched with color enhancers and Omega fatty acids
* Provide nutritional variety for invertebrates and fish with larger mouths
* Easy-to-feed frozen food offers an ideal way to supplement regular diet

With Rod's Food Krill+ Frozen Fish Food, you'll easily ensure nutritional variety for your invertebrates and fish with larger mouths. This easy-to-feed frozen food contains whole krill (.75" to 1.5") enriched with color enhancers and Omega fatty acids to support the overall health of your aquarium inhabitants.

Feed Rod's Food Krill+ Frozen Fish Food occasionally as a supplement to your aquarium inhabitants' regular diet. Keep a package in your freezer for a welcome change of pace. Simply thaw food in a small amount of aquarium water, then pour food into a high-flow area of your aquarium for thorough distribution. Rod's Food Krill+ Frozen Fish Food is made in USA with no added gels or food binders - a little goes a long way. 8 oz flat pack.

Ingredients: Krill, Astaxanthin, Beta-carotene, Omega-3 Fatty Acids (DHA).

Guaranteed Analysis
Moisture 81.68% max
Crude Protein 8.73% min
Crude Fat 5.59% min
Crude Fiber 0.8% max
Ash 1.7% max

About Rod's Foods
Providing your saltwater aquarium with the finest foods
It's not the variety of ingredients that make your fish, corals, and other invertebrates go crazy for Rod's Food. It's the way the ingredients are blended that generates the intense feeding response from virtually every animal in your reef. Anyone can take a list of ingredients and blend them together, but we at Rod's Food have many years of experience and learning that has made our blending process unique. Rod's Food is made by hand in our U.S. facility, not machine processed overseas.

Rod's starts by using only the finest, freshest ingredients
Rod's Foods use whole animals, not just tails that are available at any local grocery store. Using the whole animal provides the most nutrition.

All ingredients go through an extensive rinsing process to rid our food of the STPP (sodium tripolyphosphate) that many of the freshest seafoods are initially preserved with.

Rod's Food believes that when you pay for food, you should receive food! No unnecessary gels or food binders are added to Rod's Food. And our foods are not water packed! Most users are amazed by how a small amount of Rod's Food can feed an entire reef. A little goes a long way! Many users have reported less mortality with new fish arrivals because they quickly accept Rod's Food. If new fish readily accept food, they "settle into" their surroundings much faster. Many have witnessed and reported that mandarins and other difficult feeders readily accept Rod's Food. Fish breeders have reported quicker spawning behaviors. Here at our facility, we have witnessed new arrivals spawning within 45 days on 5 separate occasions in the last 6 months.

Your corals will love Rod's Food too.
You no longer have to wait for "lights out" or get up early to see polyp extension on some of those difficult-to-feed LPS corals. Squirt in just a small amount of Rod's Food as a "pre-feed" stimulant to initiate a feeding response from not only your LPS corals but your whole reef. You may even see creatures that you have never seen before come into the open to feast on Rod's Food. The highly nutritional small particles in Rod's Food such as oyster eggs, golden pearls, red plankton and rotifers benefit some of the corals that have been more difficult to care for in the past, including gonipora, gorgonia and dendrophyllia.

Rod's Food is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, astaxanthin and other carotenoids, the key ingredients keep your fish fat, healthy and displaying vibrant colors.

Although we at Rod's Food have never boasted about the color enhancing capabilities of Rod's Food, we are confident that our foods will make your fish "glow."