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Repashy Meat Pie Reptile v2


Meat Pie v2 (with chicken)

Repashy never rests. We are constantly working to add new and innovative ingredients. Three years ago, Allen, who is always searching for new and functional ingredients, was given some samples of dried chicken broth by one of his suppliers, and we have been researching, formulating, and testing ever since.  The supplier had brought in a new vendor for their human food division who is the leading manufacturer of this product in the industry, and they were excited to share it with Repashy because they know we like to be innovative.

This powdered broth is the same ingredient used to make chicken soup, bouillon cubes, and add chicken flavor to many foods. Chicken broth (also called Chicken stock) is made by boiling fresh chicken bones which after settling, separates into a layer of fat on the top, broth in the middle and bones on the bottom. The dried broth is actually an isolated protein with greater than 90% content, (92% typical) and some residual fat (1.5% typical) The remainder consists of minerals and residual moisture.  The chicken broth we use is pure and unsalted (low sodium).

Chicken Broth is growing in popularity in the human sports nutrition market because of its great amino acid profile, super high protein level, and great taste. Many argue that it is superior to products such as Whey Protein Isolate and Casein Isolates.  As far as an animal food ingredient, we haven’t seen it used before. It’s very expensive and just not economically feasible to use compared to chicken meal made from spent egg laying chickens. At Repashy, we make expensive premium foods, and when we find something that works great, we will find a way to make it work!

In September, Repashy introduced the new “Chicken Pot Pie” gel food premix, which was the first product to incorporate chicken broth. We are now proud to announce that we have reformulated and improved our long standing product  “Repashy Meat Pie”. Chicken Broth is now the primary ingredient in the new “Repashy Meat Pie v2 (with chicken) We have reduced the levels of fish meal and squid meal, so now Chicken Broth and Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal are the first two ingredients in this formula, followed by fish, whole egg, and squid.

This strong chicken smell, taste, and flavor is a great feeding stimulant for meat loving carnivores such as Monitor Lizards, Crocodilians, Chelonians, Amphibians…… even Birds of Prey and Mammals …..It is also a great treat for meat loving omnivores of all kinds. Repashy Meat Pie v2 (with chicken) is available now and the original formula will be phased out as inventory is depleted.