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josh's Frogs Biobedding Desert Bioactive Substrate

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BioBedding Desert is the perfect substrate for your desert or arid bioactive encolsure. It's ideal for leopard geckos, fat tail geckos, bearded dragons, many monitor species, and many other herps and inverts. This substrate is a unique blend of ingredients designed to jump-start the bioactive environment. It helps to maintain a low level of humidity, yet retains moisture in a way to easily provide humid hides and support a community of cleaner invertebrates and beneficial organisms.

  • Tank stays cleaner due to bioactive cycle

  • Less substrate changes, which is less stressful on your pet

  • Closer to replicating your pet’s natural habitat

  • More attractive than traditional substrates


How to Prep:

For semi-arid species, such as leopard or fat tail geckos, place 1 inch of BioBedding Desert on the floor if your enclosure. Add a small amount of dechlorinated or R/O water until the bottom inch of the substrate sticks together when squeezed, but no water runs out. Then, add another 2-3 inches of dry BioBedding Desert on top. More can be used to facilitate digging in burrowing species. This substrate does not require a drainage layer. Instead, add water underneath a humid hide every 1-2 months, as needed, to keep the bottom layer moist. Over time, the top layer will develop a crust due to the mist/dry cycle. Mist very lightly every day, ensuring to mist the substrate under the hide directly.

For full sand/high desert species, apply a 1-2 inch layer of BioBedding Desert to the bottom of your enclosure. Add water so that the substrate sticks together when squeezed, but does not leak water. Create 4" tall mounds with the damp substrate where humid hides and plants will be, then fill the space between with sand.

Do not place a heating pad on the bottom of the tank with this substrate.

4 quart bag measures ~9"L x 2"W x 13"H


Recommended Animals: 


Recommended Plants: Succulents and Cacti, such as Aloe, Sempervivum, Crassula, and other non-spikey semi-arid and arid plants.Or check out our Desert Plant Kits!


Suitable for Misted Setups: Yes- make sure to mist lightly in the evening. This will result in the top of the substrate developing a mild 'crust', much like in nature. Mist the base of any plants and humid hides directly. Substrate under humid hides and the bottom 1" of the enclosure substrate should remain moist.


Care: BioBedding Desert is a naturalistic vivarium substrate and is meant to house a bioactive clean up crew! Stir the surface of BioBedding Desert every 1-2 weeks with a fork, or if waste is visible. Burying waste allows microfauna to process it quicker. Change the substrate when it begins to break down - typically after several years. Please note that Biobedding Desert is designed to grow fungi - this is not a sign of a dirty tank, but of a healthy, clean bioactive environment.