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Josh's Frog Isopod Substrate - 4Qt

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Josh's Frogs Isopod Substrate is the perfect substrate for growing most commonly available isopod species. Isopods play an important role as tank janitors in bioactive setups. Many times, it's easier to culture isopods outside of the vivarium and regularly introduce them into your enclosure.

  • STERILE substrate for culturing Isopods; no mites or hitchikers like garden center soils
  • RETAINS MOISTURE well so the Isopods remain hydrated
  • SIMULATES NATURAL ENVIRONMENT with a loose texture that is great for burrowing and with hardwood pieces for munching on
  • IDEAL for feeder Isopods, like Dwarf Whites, and for pet Isopods, like Dairy Cows


Recommended Animals:

  • Isopods


Recommended Plants:

  • Dried Moss
  • Leaf Litter


Care: Place a 3-4" layer of substrate in a plastic shoebox or similar container. Spray heavily with dechlorinated water until the substrate is moist, but water does not run out when squeezed. Feed and mist regularly. Level of ventilation and moisture varies based on species of isopod, so plan accordingly.

Replace substrate when it appears spent (uniform in texture, like dirt).