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Josh's Frog CUC Cuisine


Josh's Frogs CUC Cuisine is the best way to keep microfauna populations booming in your bioactive enclosure! CUC Cuisine contains many trace minerals that are lacking in traditional vivaria substrates in an easy to apply pellet form.

How to Use: To use CUC Cuisine as a feeding station, simply place a pellet on the surface of your substrate. CUC Cuisine will absorb water and mold a bit, attracting springtails, isopods, and fruit flies. This makes it easy to observe your frogs feeding. CUC Cuisine can also be buried under the substrate where it will serve as a nutrient rich food source to keep microfauna numbers high and your bioactive setup clean.


Clean Up Crew Cuisine should be offered as often as it takes your tank janitors to eat them. We recommend feeding CUC Cuisine at least monthly, but up to weekly feedings can be provided to keep your microfauna levels as their max.


Bottle measures ~5" tall and 2" in diameter.