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JBL NovoColor Flakes

Balanced feeding, optimal growth and brilliant colour brilliance for tropical freshwater fish: 50 natural raw materials in 7 flakes. Choice of ingredients enhance the beauty of colours. Nutritious and highly digestible - ideal nutrition conditions thanks to the different sizes of flakes. For all fish species from 3 to 20 cm, living in medium and higher depths. No water turbidity: algae growth reduced by an adapted phosphate content, water quality enhanced by better digestibility of food, resulting in reduced fish droppings. Fish choose JBL: 98.5% of species immediately adopted JBL food in freshwater research. Not cheap fish meal, but fish flesh from the production of fillets for human eating. Box contents: basic food for aquarium fish. Shelf life: 4 months after opening, 3 years in high-quality packaging with sealed film.