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Helmeted Chameleon

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Temperature Level

    Tank Temperatures: This chameleon prefers a basking (warm) side that of 80F – 85F, and an ambient (cool) side around 70F – 75F.
    Heat Lighting: If you using a medium sized screen enclosure, a 60-75 watt should sufficient for creating this temperature range. Larger enclosures and glass enclosures will need different size lamps. We recommend using a digital thermometer and hygrometer to make sure temperatures and humidity are perfect.
    UVB Lighting: These guys require a 13 watt 5.0 UVB bulb for proper UVB exposure.

Humidity Levels

A humidity level of 60%-70% is perfect for these chameleons. This can be maintained with a twice daily misting of the enclosure and substrate.
Diet/ Feeding

    Food: These lizards should be offered gut-loaded crickets, mealworms, wax worms, and roaches, daily.
    Supplement: Their food should be dusted with calcium with d3 at every meal, and also offered a multivitamin dusted meal at least twice weekly. Ideally a multivitamin with Vitamin A is best.

Habitat Needs

    Enclosure Size: These guys will thrive in a medium sized screen enclosure. Ideally you want look for something with a little more vertical space so that they can climb.
    Substrate (bedding): Their substrate can be a reptile bark or coconut fiber. You can also mix in sphagnum moss to help maintain their humidity level.
    Accessories: A dripper or mister, plants, branches, and perches are a must have for these beautiful creatures. The chameleon should have enough cover to fully hide in its environment.