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Fresh Sheet Moss is a very popular moss that is grown in terrariums, vivariums and used as ground cover around potted plants. Fresh Sheet Moss is from the genus Hypnum. Fresh Sheet Moss is alive and actively growing and has not been dried or preserved. Fresh Sheet Moss grows in sheets and forms a dense mat which is low growing. It can be found in forested areas around the United States and Canada. Fresh Sheet Moss prefers partial to full shade when outdoors but can tolerate dappled morning sunlight . When grown indoors whether as a potted plant or in a terrarium/vivarium, it needs bright artificial light. Fresh Sheet Moss prefers moist conditions and will rot if overwatered.  

Container Gardens/Terrariums/Houseplant:

Fresh Sheet Moss grows well in container gardens, fairy gardens and loves terrariums. It prefers minimal moisture when growing in an enclosed environment so when growing in a terrarium, very little if any water is needed. Keep in bright, indirect light and avoid direct sunlight if in an enclosed container as it will quickly burn and die. Mist daily if growing in a dry environment. 

Vivariums/Animal Terrariums:

Fresh Sheet Moss will grow in a vivarium or animal terrarium if planted in the right spot. Plant in a moist but not constantly wet area of the vivarium and provide plenty of bright light. Fresh Sheet Moss thrives in partial to full shade in an outdoor environment but needs bright light when grow indoors.


Note: This bag measures 8" x 10"