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The Bio Dude Digital Thermo-Hygrometer


The Bio Dude's thermometer/Hygrometer features a hard to find temperature/humidity sensor on a single external probe. Super convenient for reptile and amphibian habitat monitoring and other uses. 

Large, easy to read .75" tall LCD numerals Temperature and Relative Humidity displayed Re-settable MIN/MAX display for Temperature and Relative Humidity F° or C° operation 48" remote probe wire- Temperature and Relative Humidity in a single probe! This also includes an upgraded probe which prevents the 99% humidity stuck concurrent issue with other brands. 

The Dude recommends that this is utilized for all of your BioDude BioActive Terrariums. These thermometers/hygrometers are very accurate and give you an accurate representation of the husbandry in which you are providing.  

Includes: Box, unit, battery and instructions.